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Neighbourhood Development in North East Lincolnshire

INandAROUND community websites support Neighbourhood Development in our local borough. As we develop the INandAROUND tools, products and community and roll-out to the initial 15 community sites, we are adding to the community and neighbourhood based local initiatives which are there to grow and strengthen our communities. To find out more about Neighbourhood Development in North East Lincolnshire visit... 

Support site appears

Support site appears
The INandAROUND community websites covering North East Lincolnshire are beginning to gather interest from the local communities themselves. Very soon, certain members of the community will start logging into their INandAROUND sites and starting to add news, edit articles and more. Once they do – they’ll no doubt need help from time to time! So the is born. This... 

Join in the conversation

We hope we’ve just made it easier for local people to join in local, online conversations.  Twitter, Facebook, Google+ etc all get conversations going, but the people involved can be anywhere.  Some conversations are better had with local people about local issues.  If you’re sharing an interest then you may want to discuss it with people you know in your area or other local people you... 

Feedback please

Feedback please
DISQUS commenting has now been added to this blog. If you’re reading an article and wish to get involved in commenting, feedback or a general discussion then you’ve now got the opportunity to do so. I’m really keen to hear what people think about the INandAROUND initiative and any ideas people have. So join in the conversation please…  Read More →

We’re in Beta testing

We're in Beta testing
It’s taken a bit longer than planned, but the first of the INandAROUND community websites is now into Beta testing! is our first ‘live’ site – covering the West Marsh ward of Grimsby. Why this one? Because I had to start somewhere and VANEL currently has a few projects and development workers operating across West Marsh, so we know the area and it... 

What happens next?

What happens next?
Currently 15 ward based community directories are available via VANEL’s NELDirectories website [ilink url=””]NEL Directories[/ilink] We also have occasional news about these directories via our Twitter feed @neldirectories. Over next month or so, 15 new, community based websites will be created under INandAROUND to both hold these ward level... 


Welcome to the blog for [highlight]INandAROUND[/highlight] is a new initiative from Voluntary Action North East Lincolnshire (VANEL).  The initiative focuses on creating effective community, locality or area based websites which bring together community based information. Early in 2011, VANEL was involved in the creation of 15 ward based Community Directories covering the entire... 
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